Inspiration is natural

Esther Acampora, who trained at the fashion academy, designs unique pieces of jewelry using her feeling for form and style, and also drawing inspiration from natural materials and shapes. Just as each shape in nature is unique, so every design produced by Esther Acampora is unique. You can be sure that every product is without compare, and made exclusively by hand. Jewelry design with a exclusive signature.

Extensive jewellery design collection

An extensive collection of jewelry design

This website contains an extensive collection of jewelry design and other accessories. Allow yourself to be inspired and enticed by this exceptional collection of original bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, hair jewelry, brooches & pendants and art. The quality of their design is mirrored in the quality of the materials used.


The hand that sketched, the hand that makes

With traditional craftsmanship and passion for the craft modified Esther Acampora all materials themselves, such as casting, patination, grinding. Also get a new life by existing elements and objects to process them in the design of a unique art, fashion or jewelry piece, using her feeling for form. Because all jewelry are handmade and unique, there is no more beautiful and personal gift to give or get.

An unmistakable handwriting

Do you want to express something special or for an occasion – for example, your wedding – a unique jewelry designs, Esther designs with your desire, story or fantasy. In her unmistakable handwriting and with sense of beauty makes it not just an jewelry, but a real conversation piece. Bespoke and timelessly elegant.


In addition to the unique handmade designs, jewelry designer Esther Acampora also designs jewelry by order, both for individuals and professional clients. With a specially designed jewelry for a personal occasion like a wedding or exclusive party give your outfit a unique accent or a special meaning. Colors, materials, shape and symbolism with you tuned in an exclusive design.