Tips on maintenance for your item of jewelry

Esther Acampora hopes you will enjoy your unique item of jewelry. Every product is a unique design and made by hand. A great deal of care and attention has gone into choosing the right materials for creating your item. Some materials are natural and require additional care.

No rights may be derived from the maintenance tips and advice given below.


  • Never wear jewelry when sleeping, exercising (sports), swimming or showering. This can result in breakage, damage or loss.
  • Your piece will continue to delight the eye provided you look after it with due care. Items of jewelry are fragile and are generally not able to withstand contact with hard surfaces or careless use.
  • Avoid all direct contact with perfumes, hairspray and body lotions. Allow these products to be absorbed into your skin before putting on your piece of jewelry.
  • Be careful when cooking and walking in direct sunlight. Some pieces contain metals which can become hot at high temperatures.

No warranty is given for loss of stones!


  • You can polish your piece  using a dustproof dry cloth. Silver elements worked into your piece of jewelry should be looked after using products which are specially designed for that purpose.
  • Your piece of jewelry should be kept in a small box when not being worn. Your piece can become damaged if stored in a damp environment.
  • Store your piece separately from other items in order to avoid the risk of entanglement.

Do not try to repair the item yourself if it gets broken, damaged or anything else happens to it, since the warranty, where applicable under the General Terms and Conditions, will then no longer be valid.

If your piece is damaged after the expiry of the warranty period it can be forwarded to Esther Acampora for repair. You will be sent a specification of the estimated costs before any repair is undertaken.

If you have any further questions, please contact Esther Acampora by e-mail at:

Jewellery Maintenance