Classic Circus

  • Collier 5 rows gold/silver/bleu/red/colorful;
  • Inspired by clowns from the 60/70 years;
  • Gold brass/metal parts, chain, beads and lion heads, clown and ball charms;
  • Charms; enamel elephant and ribbon, red/gold patinated ribbon, gold brass/metal pendant with colorful wood cabochon and lapis lazuli stone;
  • Beautiful shining faceted cobalt blue acrylic beads, red/blue/yellow stone turquoise beads and colorful fake pearls;
  • Faceted purple AB, blue AB, red and lavender crystal beads, faceted purple/blue glass bead and Italian millefioiri glass beads;
  • Big gold brass/metal pendant with cabochons; lavender stone trimmed with red Swarovski stones; gold brass/metal with elephant picture casted in acrylic; gold brass/metal with blue lucite cabochon, gold metal and red stone; gold brass/metal with polymer clay handmade flower cabochon with crystals; brass/metal with lucite cabochon and blue glass stone.

    Adjustable with chain and claps.

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