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Home | Unique individual handcrafted jewelry
Home | Unique individual handcrafted jewelry

Unique individual handcrafted jewelry

Each jewelry a handmade work of art. Any jewelry or art object of jewelry designer Esther Acampora is a unique piece of craftmanship. They wear their own story, piece by piece, optionally intertwined with the story of the carrier or customer. With nature as a source of inspiration, high quality materials in the hands of Esther seem to find their own organic form. Each jewelry grows to his own appearance, where hard and soft materials complement each other in a surprising and rich piece of art.

Such as forms in nature arise, flourish, grow and die, reflect this jewelry various 'life stages'. They wear nostalgic names that refer to bygone times of classic wealth or mystical cultures that disappeared still capture the imagination. The jewelry are unique and exclusive jewelry full of symbolism, beauty and character.

There is a new line on Esther Acampora named Yebisah. Yebisah is the design and craftmanship of Esther Acampora. And is inspired by the style of Ibiza, in the Yebisah line u can find up to 5 accessories of the same design. There are not more created, because Esther Acampora believes that exclusivity is important.

Did you no that: After the fall of the Roman Empire the Island Ibiza came in the hands of the Arab Moors, they gave the island the name Yebisah.

I am Yebisah, are you ?


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